Meeting Dates

Meeting Dates

Last updated: 9/28/20

OctoberPTO Meeting
(Room Parent Selection)
10/1 @ 6:00pm (Thursday)
PTO Meeting (Raffles Due)10/29 @ 6:00pm (Thursday)
NovemberPTO Meeting11/19 @ 6:00pm (Thursday)
DecemberPTO Meeting12/10 @ 6:00pm (Thursday)
JanuaryPTO Meeting1/7 @ 6:00pm (Thursday)
FebruaryPTO Meeting2/4 @ 6:00pm (Thursday)
MarchPTO Meeting 3/4 @ 6:00pm (Thursday)
AprilPTO Meeting (Nominations)4/1 @ 6:00pm (Thursday)
MayPTO Meeting (Elections)5/13 @ 6:00pm (Thursday)

Meetings will be virtual until further notice.
Agenda and Zoom link will be posted on the John E. Burke PTO Facebook group as well as Class Dojo on the day of each meeting.

Upcoming Meetings…

Thursday 3/4 – 6pm

Thursday 4/1 – 6pm (Nominations for 2021-2022 Burke PTO Board)

Thursday 5/6 – 6pm (Elections for 2021-2022 Burke PTO Board)

**All meeting dates/times are subject to change**